Right on the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic Circle, is probably the best destination for your next trip … Iceland ! Iceland is known as THE European insider tip for everyone who is looking for unique natural spectacles and impressive Viking history.

Many of you will already have Iceland on your travel bucket list. But in case you still need that last nudge in the right direction, here are 10 reasons why your next flight should definitely go to Iceland.

1. Learn about Icelandic food

Iceland’s largest industry is fishing. All fans of fresh fish and unusual seafood will get their money’s worth here. We recommend the all-you-can-eat experience in  Sjávarbarinn . Are you looking for something more unusual? How about Hakarl (fermented shark meat), ifrarpsyla (lamb liver sausage), Þorramatur (a mixture of fish and meat specialties) or – for the tough-minded – Svið, which is actually nothing more than lamb’s head.

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2. Explore Iceland’s UNESCO World Wonders

Þingvellir National Park is one of the UNESCO World Wonders and enjoys special recognition from the locals due to its historical and cultural background. One of the highlights of the park is also the mid-Atlantic ridge, which is also one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones.

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3. A panoramic view of majestic landscapes

Even if there are a lot of them, Instagram pictures just don’t do justice to the breathtaking landscape of Iceland. You have to experience this beauty yourself. Pamper your eyes and senses with mountain landscapes, volcanic areas, glaciers, waterfalls and more!

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4. Treat yourself to a surreal experience in the geothermal springs

The blue lagoon is a geothermal wellness oasis, the water of which comes from underground. It is rich in minerals, silicon and algae. The ultimate relaxation experience!

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5. Explore Reykjavik by bike

In the heart of Iceland you will find this peaceful city, in which approx. 2/3 of all residents of Iceland reside. The city can be explored perfectly by bike! A visit to the Viking Museum is an absolute must.

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6. Be in two places at the same time

The water of the Silfra Fissure is considered to be the purest in the world. In addition, you have the chance to be on 2 continents at the same time – for this you (only) have to dive between the North American and Eurasian plates. Before doing this, you should of course treat yourself to at least one sip of the water!


7. Master the glacier hike in Sólheimajökull

It’s time to quench your thirst for adventure with the ultimate challenge! Go on the 1 1/2 hour glacier hike and experience this natural spectacle up close. Don’t forget warm socks!

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8. Look out for the Hallgrímskirkja

In the middle of Reykjavik stands the largest and most unmistakable building in Iceland – the Hallgrímskirkja. The facade is inspired by the Black Falls, another natural wonder of Iceland. This building is the symbol of the city and can be seen from pretty much anywhere. So whenever you get lost, just keep an eye out for Hallgrímskirkja.

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9. Gullfoss waterfall – where being brave is rewarded

This impressive waterfall is another must-see. There are no railings, stairs, paths or the like. However, if you dare, you will be rewarded with a unique view.

gulllfoss-waterfall island-travel blog

10. Watch the Northern Lights

As the saying goes … the best comes at the end. If you get the chance, don’t miss out on this colorful spectacle. Suddenly the dark night lights up brightly and all the colors mix, just like in the good old lava lamps. At least now you will realize how small we actually are. And what kind of power nature can have.

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