UNO Reverse Card refers to a playing card in the game UNO which reverses the order of turns and is used as metaphorical term for a comeback or a karmic change of events.


On April 18th, 2018, Urban Dictionary user Coolkid87611[1] defined the UNO reverse card as “An upgraded no u” providing the example of: “Me: insults my friend. My friend: pulls out uno reverse card. Me: dies. The definition received 69 likes and 9 dislikes in a year.


On May 10th, 2018, Imgur user thefloralgalaxy[4] uploaded a photoshopped version of an UNO card that reads “No U” (shown below, left). In October 2018, the subreddit r/UnoReverse[2] was launched “for those moments/conversations where someone is destroyed by a metaphorical Uno reverse card.” The subreddit acquired 107 members in eight months. On May 9th, 2019, Redditor liam-macreadie-[3] uploaded an epic handshake image comparing No U to UNO reverse. The image garnered 37 points (94% Upvoted) in a month.

NO U Uno Being impossible to beat No u' Uno reverse card Painting Arm Muscle Acrylic paint Art Bodybuilding Human Modern art

Various Examples

The reason that the UNO Reverse Card reflect any attack is because if you reverse the syllables of UNO, you will get NO U MESSAGES now illuminati STAY RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE Uno Text Font Josh Brolin Thanos Avengers: Infinity War Green Lterally anything REUTERS Cool hitler: we invade you russia: Adolf Hitler She pulled an uno reverse Hacker: Threatens with nudes Bella Thorne: Leaks her own nudes The internet: Outstanding mtove Games Chess Text Indoor games and sports Recreation Uno Reverse When shit keeps going wrong, so you try to use reverse psychology on the universe Product