Ideal for sports enthusiasts

Thanks to its year-round warm climate and pleasant water temperatures, the island is very suitable for practicing all (water) sports. Do you love windsurfing , diving , sailing , canoeing , beach volleyball or hiking ? Then Fuerteventura is the place for you!

Adventure and story

If you love adventure and nature, then a hike up the Montaña de Tindaya mountain is a must! Here you can admire rock engravings by the indigenous people. The mountain has been declared a natural monument.

Unique accommodation

One of the best hotels on the island is the Atlantis Hotels & Resorts . Here you will be pampered and experience excellent service. The hotel chain is located near the spectacular national park , which is home to the famous Coralejo dunes .

The resort is also not far from beautiful white sandy beaches that leave nothing to be desired.

Beaches for every type


Fuerteventura has just the right thing for every type of beach. You can find lonely beaches and places with restaurants, small shops and a lively promenade. There are white sand beaches and some with black sand. You will also find out how diverse the landscape is. Are you ready to go exploring?

Camel rides and unforgettable experiences

You don’t have to travel all the way to the Far East to ride a camel once in a lifetime. In Fuerteventura you can sign up for a camel safari, during which you will discover the beautiful Oasis Park and learn more about these unique animals.

FuerteventuraExcursion to Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos is a very quiet place , almost a forgotten paradise in the middle of the Central Atlantic. Here you can unwind, relax and enjoy the breathtaking nature . A tip: try the traditional paella in one of the small restaurants on the island.

Island with history

Fuerteventura is an island with a long history … Some of its mountains are over millions of years old. Our advice? Get out into nature, discover and let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty of the island .

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