Traveling to the Maldives once in a lifetime and vacationing there is probably a dream of many people. The gleaming white beaches with buttery soft sand, the crystal clear turquoise sea with an incredible underwater world and the possibility of sleeping in a private water bungalow in the middle of the Indian Ocean – that is typical Maldives and absolutely unique in the world.

For me, too, the Maldives were a dream for a long time, which was soooo high on my bucket list, but unfortunately also seemed completely unreachable. But what can I say – suddenly it came true thanks to an invitation to the VARU by Atmosphere Resort (usually I leave it at this point with a little hint for you readers about the invitation, but in this case I just want to say thank you . A big fat thank you from the bottom of my heart, because a lifelong dream has really been fulfilled here. And I still have a little pee in my eyes because of it. Thank you!)

The selection of resorts in the Maldives is almost endless and hard to overlook. The Maldives consist of over 1100 islands, most of which are uninhabited, some are exclusively locally inhabited islands and some are used for tourist purposes. The islands are so small that there is usually only one resort on each of the tourist islands, but some are large enough that 2-3 resorts can share one island.

The decision which hotel or resort should be for your Maldives vacation is not easy and very individual, because they are all luxurious after all – right? In this article I would therefore like to simply show you my personal impressions of the VARU by Atmosphere, so that you can get an overview of what to expect on site. Whether you are ultimately convinced of the resort’s concept is entirely up to you. Let’s go!

VARU by Atmosphere: The ‘all-round carefree’ island paradise in the Indian Ocean

The VARU by Atmosphere just opened its doors in October 2019 in the North Malé Atoll and is currently one of the newest luxury resorts in the Maldives. If you have concerns that a few things may not go completely smoothly because of this (and that is absolutely justified, after all, you don’t pay for such a Maldives vacation from your postage) – I can take that worry away from you. The VARU is already the fifth luxury resort of Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts , the boys and girls on site know what they’re doing.

The journey from the international airport of Malé (the main island of the Maldives) is super fast, in only about 40 minutes you can reach the island by speedboat. The arrival and departure is of course included in the price and you will be picked up at the gate immediately upon arrival so that nothing goes wrong.

‘Varu’ is Dhivehi (the language of the Maldives) and means something like a life in abundance, strength, resilience and authenticity. The motto of the VARU by Atmosphere is ‘Naturally Maldivian’ and exactly this naturalness and authenticity can be found all over the island – from the modern but natural architecture to the stunning hospitality of the employees.

Carefree all round – what does that mean exactly? The VARU by Atmosphere is a 5-star premium all inclusive resort. A real all-inclusive concept awaits you here, ie everything is really included – all meals, drinks and even excursions. And no, there is not only food twice a day that is worse than in any factory canteen and a cocktail is by definition not a mixture of beer and wine (as experienced in Turkey, also in a 5-star all-inclusive hotel … My worst vacation ever, ever, ever!). You have an honest and high-quality all-inclusive concept that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired and with which you do not have to worry about the amount of your bill in the end. Promised! How does that look in detail? Read more please… ?

Private pool goals in the water villas and beach bungalows

The VARU has a total of 108 private villas, 69 of which are overwater villas, which are lined up on the typical long wooden walkways and offer direct access to the turquoise blue sea, as well as 39 beach villas, some with direct access to the white sandy beach. I was lucky enough to be able to live in one of the water villas and I tell you … it is just as wonderful as you always imagine it in your dreams.

When I enter my water villa, I can hardly believe my eyes, because the icing on the cake is a small private pool in the villa. Not that you would need something like that, because the crystal clear blue sea right in front of the door is already overwhelming … but hey, have you ever been naked in your private pool with a cocktail in your hand at night? ? question for a friend.

Joking aside – at this point I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

Both the overwater bungalows and the beach villas are equipped with modern interiors made from natural materials such as wood and stone. The water villas have a fully glazed front so that you can even look out over the blue ocean from the bathroom, while the beach bungalows not only have a normal but also an outdoor shower (mandatory, right?).

By the way: I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had an exaggerated fear of accidentally taking something out of the minibar in the hotel that would cost me about twelve thousand euros without knowing it. In the VARU, the minibar is refilled twice a day and everything is included (including snacks and wine!). That fact alone made me pretty happy – cheers!

Culinary happy

Since we have already arrived at the culinary part, let’s continue right there: The VARU by Atmosphere has a total of 4 restaurants.

In the main restaurant LIME & CHILI breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with a mix of buffet and live cooking stations. The selection is really huge and varied, you will find new dishes from all over the world every day. My challenge was to eat myself completely through the buffet during my time on the island – and unfortunately I failed miserably. The selection was just too big (or my stomach too small, who knows).

By the way, my personal highlight was the BAY ROUGE aka the pool bar, because this is where you get the good stuff. As mentioned, the all inclusive concept also includes a large selection of spirits and the guys at the pool bar really know how to turn these into delicious cocktails. As someone who has a little passion for cocktails, in normal life I sometimes pay 15 € for a really good drink without batting an eyelid and I also like to experiment at home … and I can assure you, the cocktails are fantastic (Which on some days led to the fact that I was already toddled by the pool at 11 a.m. with a drink in hand and unfortunately the condition did not return to normal during the day. Ahem.)

In the afternoon, the pool bar also serves snacks such as salads and club sandwiches and in the evening a DJ plays live music with a sundowner. Definitely a place where you can endure.


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